Mariana Davel’s Dietetic practice is at Olivedale Hospital, Johannesburg. 

Mariana is a dietitian at Olivedale.  The practice is a safe place where your nutritional needs and questions are discussed. We look at the psychological and physiological challenges you face regarding nutrition.  We help resolve issues to fit your lifestyle, preferences, and budget.  Nobody likes to be on a diet eating food they do not like.  These diets do not last and people give up.  We try and accommodate as much as possible to ensure that you keep on following a diet that is in the best interest fo your own health.

Our aim is to empower you to eat for health, and we look at optimal nutrition during each phase of your life.  If you live with a chronic disease or nutrition-related illnesses, we want you to optimise nutritional care. However, life does not always happen the way we plan, and therefore we are here to assist you to have a normal lifestyle, whilst addressing intriguing issues regarding nutrition that are sustainable. 

Clinical Dietetic Services

Do you have a chronic disease, nutrition-related illness, diagnosed with diabetes, cancer, or other illnesses that might influence your current lifestyle? Mariana Davel Dietitian at Olivedale Hospital Johannesburg will take these changes into consideration in your clinical analysis. These changes can be frightening and make you feel unsure and helpless. Be assured that we are qualified dietitians are here to help you make the transition.

For some of us life has other challenges. Therefore we also assist athlete who wants to optimise performance, lose weight or build muscle for peak performance. Although building muscle sounds like only athletes might be interested in this, it is a crucial measuring tool of health at all ages and stages of life. Muscles can give us an enormous amount of information regarding your overall health. Therefore, we do InBody assessments of most of our critically ill patients too.

Life has different stages, and we all go through these. Parenting, stress, motherhood, age, and food choices impact our wellbeing and lifestyle. Although we might feel healthy, and look healthy, we might suffer a loss of energy, feel tired, or even struggle to focus. The first step would be to see what you add to your daily engine and fine-tune your lifestyle to be able to cope with your daily energy demand and stress levels. We are here to assist you through the stages you need to conquer and help you reach your best life. You can expect from Mariana Davel:

Safe and professional environment

Scientifically based information and treatment

Knowledge to enhance quality of life

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We live in the digital age and we’re more connected than ever. Distance isn’t a problem for us – as long as we can communicate with our patients/clients,
we’re able to help. We do dietetic consultations on ZOOM and SKYPE. We will, however, need a contact session for measurements and InBody assessments should you require these.

Where to find us